Hardened Lump Near Belly Button 3 Months After Tummy Tuck

Why is there a large hardened area on the left side of my belly button suddenly after 3 months post tt?

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Lump, mass or firm bump 3 months after tummy tuck (abdominoplasty)

I agree with Dr. Cassileth's assessment. There are numerous small blood vessels around the belly button. Occasionally a small amount of blood may cause a lump suddenly after several months. Seromas or fat necrosis are other causes but are most likely to occur in the first 3 weeks after surgery. Treatment consists of aspiration or observation

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Hard lump three months after tummy tuck usually a fluid pocket

This has happened to two of my patients. One patient had a small pocket of blood ("hematoma") the other a fluid collection ("seroma"). After two to  three months, some patients wall these little pockets of residual surgery blood or fluid off and  create a thick rind around the collection. The rind, this hard wad of tissue, is easily felt throught the skin, and is usually a little tender. You have a few options. The surgeon can try to aspirate (suck it up with a needle), but it is hard to get into sometimes.

You can have an ultrasound and have it aspirated, keep in mind in this case you will still feel it for a while. You can wait and see if your body can process it and obliterate it on its own, which is always smart. The patient with the hematoma I took back to the OR and removed it, it only took me a few minutes and it solved the problem right away. the other one waited and it eventually disappeared after one year. Hope this helps!

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