Large Hard Bump and Infection After Filler - Hematoma?

I got filler injected into my jawline five days ago. One day later, I noticed that the area seemed somewhat swollen. I assumed it was just some swelling from the injection, which I understand is fairly common. When I woke the following morning, my whole jaw had swelled. I saw a doctor who prescribed antibiotics, which did reduce the swelling, but now I still have a large, hard lump. How can I determine whether it's a hematoma and what can I do to reduce it or speed the recovery?

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Swelling after filler treatment

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It is a little too early to develop an infection one day after the procedure. The other possible explanation of your symptoms is bleeding (hematoma) that has organized and formed a hard lump or a local tissue reaction to the filler. I perform filler treatment into pre-jawl areas quite frequently, and have observed on a few occasions similar (though not as extensive) symptoms such as redness, firmness, and swelling over the injection site -- more pronounced than with other injection sites. I think at this point you just need to be patent and give it some time for the body to heal. You already took antibiotics to cover the possibility of infection. Most hematomas resolve fully without any intervention; massage and warm compresses may help to speed up the process.

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