Large Growth on Left Upper Lateral Nasal?

since there is no bone involved but just a removal of the mass, i wonder how long is the recovery and how much should it cost

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Nasal tumor question

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Not really sure if your are talking about a poly or a tumor of the nose.  In either case you would need to be examined. 

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Nasal tumor recovery

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thank you for the question. The answer is we don't really know. What is the tumor or mass? What surgical approaches being used? It appears that you're in Canada so is this covered by your country's medical plan? We really needs more information

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Growth on nose

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Dear yyz,

  1. It depends on where the mass is, it may be able to be approached from the inside to avoid scarring
  2. There is a small fee for the pathology doctor to examine the mass under the microscope
  3. The fee of the procedure would just depend on the size, and the time it will take to remove
  4. I would visit a nose specialist who can address all of your concerns
  5. If you have medical insurance, this is typically covered

Best regards,

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