I Have a Very Large Gap Between my Two Front Top Teeth. I've Had Braces on for 13 Months As of Today. Veneers an Option? (photo)

She said I should probably get veeners to close the gap. But there is still a large gap and bonding on on both tooth. The reason I got braces was to close the large gap if that was the case I would have just went with veeners in the beginning. Can someone give me some advice I'm really sad I still have 11 months to go until I get my braces off...

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Spaces between top two front teeth...veneers an option?

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You actually have two conservative options.  If the space is small and the teeth look good otherwise, then composite bonding is often your first choice.  The advantage here is that it can be done in one visit and usually requires no or just a tiny bit of tooth drilling.

However, if the space is large and/or there are other problems with the appearance of your teeth (i.e. discoloration, chipping, rotations, large fillings, etc.), then you should discuss porcelain veneers with your cosmetic dentist.  However, there are some challenges depending on how large the space (diastema) is.  Sometimes just doing two porcelain veneers to close a large diastema results in overly wide teeth that could be unnatural in appearance and shape.  Thus, when the space is really wide cosmetic dentists will often suggest placing four porcelain veneers so that the space can be hidden and distributed to four teeth instead of only two.  This usually gives an end result of better proportioned and more natural looking front teeth.

If you would like to know in advance how the different approaches (two vs. four veneers) might look, your dentist can have a cosmetic waxup up of models of your teeth.  Then you can judge for yourself if you would be happy with just doing two veneers, or that the four veneer approach might look better.

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Gap Between front Teeth Braces and Veneers

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You are still in the middle of treatment with Braces.  Finish the orthodontic treatment first!At the end of the treatment, you will be able to decide if the gap is closed and you are happy with the outcome. At that time, you might be happy and not opt for veneers or you  decide on veneers placement to give your teeth a contoured and symmetrical look with no gap at all! Be patient!

George Koutsoukos, DDS
Valencia Dentist

Veneers an option for gaps

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Yes.  Porcelain Veneers are a wonderful option for closing large gaps.  I have pictures of many patients who have had it done successfully.  Not only will it close your gaps but it will also make the shape, size and contour of your teeth better.   Dr. David Frey

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Veneers an Option?

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Let the treatment with braces proceed until the end.  At that point reevaluate the gap........................ 

Murray Bruckel, DDS
Norwalk Dentist

Delany dental care Gurnee

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I really need to look carefully at allmaspects of your bite and how top and bottom teeth relate.  In the process invisilign is implemented periodically to attain the proper balance for whatbis caled a golden proportion of spacing. Sometimes spacing makes the final restorations present themselves most ideally for form and function ofthe teeth. Kinda similar to when you put new contertops in the kitchen. If you dont plan it right you could a beautiful counter but the fork droor is in the wrong place

kind regards

Dr Amidei 

Mark J. Amidei, DDS
Chicago Dentist

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