Large burn-like mark after liposculpture?

I had liposculpture of my abdomen done under general anesthesia. Immediately after I noticed a fresh superfical red mark across my abdomen about 4 inches with small "dots" above and to one side. After asking the doctor, he mentioned that it could have been the seat belt on the way back home from surgery, 2hr drive. Is this possible? It began to darken, brown and 1 month later it scabed off but the mark is still there. Will it ever fully disappear? What can I do to improve the appearance?

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Large burn like mark after lipo

What you describe seems to be that you had lipo with a heat device, call it laser, or vaser type.  That is a risk with those devices.  That is why I like to stay away from them, and use a more efficient and safer machine, called the Microaire, obtaining magnificent results.

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Hyperpigmentation Of Abdomen One Year After Liposculpture - What Do I Do?

Your skin was obviously injured either during or after your liposculpture procedure.  In one way or another, the blood supply to your skin was embarrassed which led to a loss of blood supply to the epithelium in the affected area. 

You now have injury hyperpigmentation which I have found in the past to be well treated by a melasma cream which we invented at the Mommy Makeover Institute of Hawaii.  Unfortunately, without some form of intervention, this type of pigmentation rarely disappears. 

Burn after Liposculpture usually do to technology or superficial treatment



It would be helpful to know what sort of liposculpture was performed.  Was laser technology or ultrasound used during treatment.  Those introduce energy and heat to tissues that can cause damage or a burn.  Additionally, occasionally superficial treatment with liposculpture (which I don't recommend) can cause unusual discoloration or healing.  Definitely check back with your doctor.

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Liposuction Burn

       Your description sounds most like a burn induced from a laser utilized during the procedure.  However, if a laser was not used, it would be difficult to opine on the exact cause, pressure from something external - compression garment?  Allergic reaction to something?  At any rate, this scar most likely will get better over the course of a year.  Scar creams, silicone sheeting, bleaching, and laser may all be appropriate, but time will likely produce the best result.

Burn After Liposculpture

Seat belts don’t usually press on the abdomen too much so I’m not sure if that is the reason.  Could it be a burn?  Was a laser or ultrasound device used at the same time?  Whatever the cause, the mark will most likely slowly go away over the next several months.  If it is brown, a lightening /bleaching cream may help.  If it persists, it could probably be treated with a laser.  Check with your surgeon or a laser expert in your area.

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