Are Large Blisters and Bleeding After a Breast Reduction Normal?

I am 22 years old and had a breast reduction 3 1/2 weeks ago. After one week, the my PS noticed blisters forming on one side where the tape was, removed the tape at the "T" zone and took out a few stitches and left the other side alone. The side which had the stitches removed, has opened at the "T" zone, it cannot form new skin, there are several large pussy blisters forming every day and it bleeds often. My PS said it was normal but everything I'm reading says its not. Is this normal?

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Breast Reduction and Wound Healing Problem?

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Thank you for the question.

Wound healing problems are not " normal”  but do occur occasionally with breast reduction surgery. As long as you are under the care of your plastic surgeon and see him/her frequently these areas tend to heal well,  sometimes without the need for further intervention ( such as scar revision).

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Blistering after breast reduction

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This could be as simple as a reaction to surgical tape or reflective of a suture reaction or circulatory issue. The area, with proper care and possible debridement, should continue to heal secondarily. Be sure to followup regularly with your plastic surgeon during this important stage in the healing process.

Blisters and Bleeding After Breast Reduction

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Not what one would describe as normal healing but a wound healing complication that is not uncommon. There is an inherent weakness at the “T” where the two incisions meet. With good local care, the open area should heal. You may have a wider scar as a result but hat could be revised months later.

Leo Keegan, MD
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

Drainage after a breast reduction

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If you have a small dehiscence at teh "T" closure, this will take some time to heal. It may bleed a little and ooze. Follow closely with your surgeon.

Blisters and drainage following breast reduction

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Blisters may be associated with wound tension, shear/stress from the tape, friction from garments, allergic reaction to ointments/creams or skin adhesives. See your surgeon and remain in close follow up . Contact him/her for increase fever, chills, nightsweats, change in the consistency or quality of the drainage, etc.  

Delayed healing after Breast Reduction

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Delayed healing and raw spots or small open wounds are extremely common after breast reduction surgery. It doesn't necessarily mean it wasn't closed right. It is commonly from poor circulation to a skin edge, suture reactions, mild tension at "T" area, or tape on the skin can cause blisters. Being patient and starting wound care will heal this area, usually with no effect on the overall result or scar quality. I would recommend frequent doctor visits so you can be treated with the most effective wound care regimen, sometimes antibiotics are required if there are signs of infection.

Blisters and healing problems with breast reduction

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When you have a breast reduction, the skin has to be lifted and the excess removed and the remainder tightened.  Occasionally blood flow compromises can occur and can cause what you are seeing.  It isn't what I would call "normal" but it can happen.  Proper wound care should allow it to heal and not really change the long term result.

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