I Have a Large Black Half Sleeve Tattoo I Am Looking into for Laser Removal

My sleeve goes from wrist to elbow, wrist part is a partial cover up. I have a few laser techs look at it in Portland Oregon and a few tattoo artists and they seem to think there is white ink mixed in with the black in the whole tattoo. Am I not going to be able to remove my tattoo? I have heard it will laser will not remove the white ink, also that it will keep the black from coming out. 60% of the work is only a few months old. All recommendations please! I want answers! Thank you

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Laser Tattoo Removal For Black and White Ink

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Different color inks absorb different wavelengths of light in order for the pigment particles to be broken up. Black will absorb any wavelength. White is resistant to absorbing the laser light. If these white pigments are lying on top of the black ones, this may be why you were told that it will keep the black from coming out.

However the title of your post seems to suggest that your tattoo is visibly black. Although I don't have pictures, I can tell you that black ink is the easiest to remove. It is best to seek help from a board certified dermatologist who has expertise in laser tattoo removal.


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Laser Tattoo Removal

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Laser tattoo removal will require 1 dozen treatment at 6 months interval. You should consult a Board Certified Dermatologist for evaluation.


Harold A. Lancer, MD
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