Seeking Removal for a Large Back Tattoo, Advice?

Big mistake not only once, but twice! Covered up a small back tattoo (which was very light) with a large back tattoo which has black - grey shading wind bars, and 2 lotus flowers that have been outlined in white, they are mostly purple and orange with green stems The tattoo is new, an artist said that the tattoo could be removed no problems, or at least lightened enough to create a new design. Any advice?
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Removing a large Multi-Colored Tattoo

A pigment laser such as the Alexandrite Q-Switch can absolutely help you remove your large tattoo. However, a few words of wisdom. First, I'd wait until the area is healed before you start your laser treatments, as the area is likely inflamed and sensitive already. Next, keep in mind that the darkest pigments typically clear quickest, meaning the variety of colors in your tattoo will fade at differing time periods. With a series of 5-10 to 15 sessions, you could likely experience full clearance, but only a physician looking at your actual skin type, depth of ink, and quality of pigment can truly determine this.


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Ouchhh. Tough one!

You have to wait about two-three months before trying tattoo removal.  At our medical spa and laser center, we use the Revlite SI, which treats nearly all commerical professional tattoo colors.  It will take multiple sessions to remove the the tattoo.

Robert Kratschmer, MD
Robert Kratschmer, MD
Houston Plastic Surgeon
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