I began scar therapy on my belly button on Saturday. Is my belly button infected? (photo)

I began scar therapy on my belly button on Saturday. ..and I peeled off today and my belly button looked like this...Surgery date 3/6/14 ..11 days post op .I also washed belly button with antibiotic soap and hydrogen peroxide before a salt flush...should I apply polysporin? Is it badly infected? Im freaking out...its also scabbing on the sides is this normal?

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Belly button infection redness

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Redness does not mean infection necessarily. The redness can be product of irritation due to the cleaning and applications of products including antibiotics or peroxide. I will keep it dry and call you doctor before you do any thigh else

Belly button after tummy tuck

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The skin around your belly button is red. If the redness is spreading, you have an infection.
But if you were my patient, I would tell you to stop putting things on your incision.
Scar therapy (e.g. mederma, silicone gel) can be irritating this early, as are hydrogen peroxide and antibiotic soap.
Call your surgeon, discuss your concerns and in the meantime, put nothing on the incision except a moist gauze or a little aquaphor. 

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