What happens during surgery for explantation implants post Masectomy? Will pectoral muscle return to normal? Severe nerve pain

What happens during surgery for explanation implants post Masectomy. Is the pectoral muscle Sowen back into place.Will I feel more normal .suffering from severe nerve pain.. Plastics said he would open the incision half way to take remomove them. Should the capsule should be removed also. Wold that invoke opening the whole incision. What's the correct way for explanation..Do I need a doctor who specializes in it. Have silicone smooth implants in x five moths now. Want no further reconstruction.

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Explantation of Implants

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I am sorry you are having pain after reconstruction. It is straightforward to have the implants removed. The incision needs to be opened enough to remove the device. Some of the capsule will be removed and the muscle will be sutured back to chest wall. Typically a drain is left in place for a week. Most board certified Plastic Surgeons feel comfortable with this procedure. 

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