Is intercostal nerve resection/cutting advisable for severe nerve pain post Masectomy. What are the risks?

Is the any information regarding resection of the intercostal nerves to alleviate nerve pain. Very limited information out there on tx this type of pain post Masectomy. I'm alone in dealing with the pain. Is it safe to have intercostal resection .what are the risks. Should I remove implants first..I'm relying on Internet to find information as my doctors don't know how to help. Found peripheral nerve clinic who resect the intercostal nerves. I'm 47 female left with debilitating pain.

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Post mastectomy pain- intercostal nerve treatment

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I'm so sorry you are suffering with pain after your mastectomy! There is very little downside to having treatment to the intercostal nerves for mastectomy pain. Usually, the nerves are numbed with a local anesthetic to see if that creates relief. If that alleviates the pain, then permanent disconnection is fairly easy. Talking to a local pain specialist with experience in this area is the most important step. 

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