Miss miserable in Malibu tonight. I had chemical peel for the first time today with Botox?

Hi.I am worried that the Botox that got in my eye could make me go blind. Will it be ok, Also my face is red and itchy in places It was a pre base thing,and felt sooo good...Then I went OH NO what did I do...so will I be ok?

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Miserable after Chemical Peel and Botox

A tiny bit confused by this question, but I will answer what I think you are asking.... You got Botox injections, and had a chemical peel done on the same day. During the injections, some Botox ran into your eye? This would have been a trace amount and your eye would have flushed it out. So that part is fine. As for the chemical peel, without knowing what type of peel, what concentration, what chemical, etc. it's hard to say when you will be looking good or how you will be healing. If you have concerns, contact your treating office though.

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