Who Does Laparoscopic or Endoscopic Repair on Diastasis Recti in San Diego?

Who does Laparoscopic or Endoscopic repair on diastasis recti in San Diego area? I am called several surgeons and no luck so far.

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Endoscopic rectus repair is very rare

The reason you are having trouble finding a doctor to do an endoscopic restus diastasis repair is that there is almost no patient who is a great candidate for one.  The reason is that in order to have a diastasis, your muscles must have been stretched and this same process also stretches the skin.  Without some skin excision (ie tummy tuck) you will usually get a poor result from muscle repair alone.

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I agree that the people who are good candidates for endoscopic diastasis repair without abdominoplasty skin removal are few and far between. I have only seen one in 17+ years and she was a body builder some years after pregnancy.

It sounds like you decided on the procedure to have and are now shopping for the surgeon who will do it based on price, experience or whatever. That is not the best way to approach cosmetic surgery. Just because you want that procedure does not mean you are a good candidate for it or should even have that specific surgery. Before you have surgery you first need a diagnosis of what the problem is after which treatment options can be addressed. Treatment before diagnosis is like putting the horse before the cart. That is why patients need to see doctors face to face for a history and physical examination before any type of surgery, cosmetic or otherwise.

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