Lap Band Surgery?

Hi there my name is Amanda I'm 19 and weigh 220 I have no health care and I just wanted to know how much I'd have to pay at the time of getting this I live in lumberton nc if you could help me find that out I'd appreciate it thank you very much

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Cost of weight loss surgery without insurance coverage

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Call around to the surgeons in your area to see what they charge.  It is always best to have surgery close to home so you can get after-care.  Prices vary from as little as $5000 in Mexico, to as high as $25,000 the USA.  Our program charges $11,000 for sleeve gastrectomy.  I stopped placing gastric bands several years ago due to high failure rates and poor patient satisfaction.  After-care is also quite expensive after gastric banding because of the cost of band adjustments.

Mark Pleatman MD

Bloomfield Hills Bariatric Surgeon
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