Is the Lap Band Reversible?

Can a Lap Band be removed if I reach my target goal?

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A Benefit of the Lap-Band - Reversible

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Yes, the Lap-Band is reversible. However, the Lap-Band should be considered a permanent implant. Only in the rare instance where there is a problem with the band would removal be necessary. Removing the Lap-Band will restore the stomach to its original form and function and the patient would be at risk of regaining the weight that had been lost. 

Mississauga Bariatric Surgeon

Lap Band is reversible

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The band is easily reversible, which gives the band an advantage over the sleeve gastrectomy or the roux-en-y gastric bypass. However, when the target weight is reached, the band is not removed. If the band is removed for any reason, the patient will lose the restriction that the band gives them and the patient will usually gain the weight back.

David Buchin, MD
Long Island Bariatric Surgeon

Removal of the Lapband

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The adjustable gastric band is meant to stay in place for the rest of your life.  If it is removed, most patients invariably regain the lost weight rapidly.  Reasons to remove the band include slippage, erosion, esophageal dilation, or failure to lose weight.  If you reach your goal with the band, be happy and leave it as is.

Mark Pleatman MD

Mark Pleatman, MD
Bloomfield Hills Bariatric Surgeon
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Removable LapBands

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One point of differentiation of the LapBand versus the Gastric Sleeve, for example, is that it is removable.  Many patients love this feature.  We do not place a band with the expectation that it will come out, however it can come out.  It is worth noting that just because you have reached your goal weight or you are satisfied with your weight loss, does not mean that the LapBand should come out.  It is a tool that should be viewed as a longterm solution for weight loss. The LapBand is working to help you stay at a lower weight. 

Daniel J. Rosen, MD
New York Bariatric Surgeon
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Is the lap band reversible?

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The lap band is reversible in the sense that it can be removed via laparoscopic technique and the anatomy remains the same unlike the gastric sleeve procedure for example where a portion of the stomach is removed.

Ricardo M. Bonnor, MD, FACS
Houston General Surgeon

Removal of Lap-Band

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A nice feature of the Lap-Band is that it is reversible.  We recommend leaving the Lap-Band in forever because like any other diet, if you remove the band you will most likely gain back the weight.

The LapBand IS Reversible

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The LapBand operation is reversible. But, before having it removed you may want to see how you do once the balloon is completely deflated. Experience has shown that obese patients do not really outgrow their habits and tend to put on weight if given the opportunity. Dr. Aldea

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

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