Lap Band; My BMI is Less Than 30 but I Have Medical Issues?

I have degenerative disk disease, scoliosis and high cholesterol and triglycerides and my blood pressure is borderline. My ortho doc has told me I'm carrying too much weight for my small frame but exercise is painful. I've lost weight on various diets but can't keep it off. I'm 52 with a BMI of 27 and don't want to wait for my condition to worsen so that insurance will cover the cost. Would a surgeon be willing to perform the lap band procedure if I paid for it myself?

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Bariatric surgery for BMI below 30 is not recommended

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I will operate on patients with BMI as low as 30, but at 27  you are barely overweight at all.  I would not be willing to offer you an operation.

As a side note, most surgeons around the world have abandoned gastric banding as a viable long-term option.  I don't do this particular operation anymore.  I just take them out and convert to something that works better.

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