Can Lap Band Lose Effect After 10 Years?

I'm regaining almost all my weight and am sure there is no leakage as per my docotor. I've done lots of medical examination and they all proved that band is ok and normal. I kept filling until i reached 7 but still eating large amounts and never full. Can my upper stomach be stretched? do i have to replace the band and start over again? if so, can i remove it and replace the new one in the same operation?

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Lap-Band After 10 Years

The Lap-Band is a tool designed to achieve weight loss by restricting the amount of food an individual can consume and by inducing a feeling of early satiety, or fullness. Published literature reports sustained weight loss and associated health benefits for more than ten years in Lap-Band patients. To date, there are no publications noting any average weight regain. New studies are published regularly around the world reiterating the safety and effectiveness of a Lap-Band procedure.

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