How is the Lap Band Filled?

I'm afraid of needles. Is that how the band is adjusted? Can I be put to sleep for this?

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Lap Band "fills"

Typically your first fill after lap band will be 4 weeks post surgery or around that time. Most of the time patients do not require a topical anesthetic to "numb" the skin but this can be done from time to time. Pt s are not put to sleep for lap band fills.

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How Lap-Band Adjustments Work?

The Lap-Band’s ability to be adjusted is critical to the success of the procedure. We can tighten (fill), or loosen (de-fill) the Lap-Band during a simple office visit. This allows us to control the rate at which food goes across the band. This adjusts how soon and how long you have a sense of fullness after a meal. The amount of food that can be eaten before feeling satiated or full at each meal can be changed with simple inflation or deflation of the Lap-Band via the access port. The first adjustment is usually four to five weeks after the procedure, when the swelling in your stomach subsides.

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Lap band adjustments

After surgery the lap band usually needs adjustments which are done in the office. Saline, more commonly known as salt water, is injected into the access port located under your skin on your left upper abdomen muscle. The saline is injected by a needle to inflate the band and deflated to loosen it. The needle is small causing little to no pain or irritation.

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How is Lap-Band adjusted?

The Lap-Band has a balloon at the end pressing on the stomach and tubing connected to a small port underneath your skin.  Right in the office a very small needle can be placed through the skin and into the port and then saline or salt water can be injected into the port to tighten the balloon at the end and restrict the amount of food you can eat.

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How is a LapBand filled?

Regarding:  "How is the Lap Band Filled? I'm afraid of needles. Is that how the band is adjusted? Can I be put to sleep for this?"

The Lap Band, the inflatable balloon around the stomach which when inflated reduces the size of the stomach, is connected to a small plastic dome under the upper tummy skin. A needle is introduced through the skin and injects sterile salt water into the dome which increases the width of the Lap band.

The pain of the single needle is very minor. No one will out you through the risk of anesthesia and no insurance company will consider allowing general anesthesia INSTEAD of a single needle prick.

Dr. Peter Aldea

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Lap Band filling

Lap bands are filled via a port or dome that is usually in the placed under the skin in your upper left abdomen. Using a saline filled syringe the needle is placed through the skin into the dome and saline is delivered in desired volumes. The volume can also be withdrawn in a similar fashion using an empty syringe

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