Can a Lap Band Be Changed to a Gastric Bypass?

Is it possible to go from a Lap Band to a gastric bypass?

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Lapband conversion to gastric bypass

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Yes, Lap-Band can be converted into a gastric bypass laparoscopically with 6 tiny incisions.  Some patients have much better results with gastric bypass versus the Lap-Band. I recommend seaking a very experienced bariatric surgeon that is a Center of Excellence to perform this surgery.

Lap Band Conversions

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Lap band conversions to gastric bypass or sleeve gastrectomy are becoming more popular due to the fact that more people have the lap band. The older bands that were placed more than three years ago have a higher failure rate than some of the newer bands. The failure rate for the older lap band was approximately 20-25%. The newer lap bands are better, however they still have a failure rate albeit lower than the older bands. A failure rate for bariatric surgery is losing less than 25% of the excess weight you need to lose.

Converting the lap band to a gastric bypass laparoscopically can be done however it does have a higher risk than just doing a primary gastric bypass. The risks are increased due to the fact that there is scar tissue from the band in the area where we make the pouch and connection for the gastric bypass. I have converted many lap band patients to bypass or sleeve gastrectomies and these patients have significantly better weight loss results than with the LapBand

My advice is to find a bariatric surgeon who is proficient in these procedures.

David Buchin, MD
Long Island Bariatric Surgeon

LapBand CAN be changed to a Gastric Bypass Procedure

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Regarding: "Can a Lap Band Be Changed to a Gastric Bypass?  Is it possible to go from a Lap Band to a gastric bypass? "

Although it is NOT meant to be a temporary or introductory procedure, a LapBand can be either removed or removed and be replaced with a permanent Gastric restrictive/malabsorptive bariatric procedure such as "Gastric Bypass".

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Revision Surgery: Lap Band to Gastric Bypass

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Yes, this is now becoming more frequent as the number of patients who had a lap band that have not achieved the desired results and are still morbidly obese or have diabetes and other issues such as reflux may be converted to a gastric bypass.

A patient that has a lap band may be "converted" or better stated revised to a gastric bypass. This type of surgery is called revision surgery and carries a higher potential complication rate that a non-revision bypass.

Nonetheless in experienced hands, this type of revision surgery is acceptable with a good risk/benefit ratio in carefully evaluated circumstances.

Ricardo M. Bonnor, MD, FACS
Houston General Surgeon

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