I want my eyelids fixed; should I see an ophthalmologist? (Photo)

I have lower eyelid issues due to constant pulling of the eyelid (contact lenses) and I want it fixed. However, I don't know who to see about this. I want to see an opthamologist but I don't know if he'll understand my worries or if he'll even refer me to an oculofacial plastic surgeon. Is this a safe move? And while I wait how can i cope with my appearence? And are lower lid procedures simple and reliable?

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Lower eyelids issues

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It is not apparent from the photos what condition you are describing.  Start with an ophthalmologic evaluation first. 

Eyelid issues

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Oculoplastic surgeons are most experienced and skilled with eyelid anatomy and surgery. I would recommend an evaluation in person with an Oculoplastic subspecialist to address your concerns. Best wishes.


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Thank you for your question. Blepharoplasty (or eyelid surgery) procedures are minimally invasive and offer the patient the comfort of a smooth recovery time with little discomfort. The procedure can address uneven eyelids. I suggest that you consult with a board certified facial plastic surgeon for an in-person examination that will illuminate the type of treatment they can provide. 
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Ross A. Clevens, MD
Melbourne Facial Plastic Surgeon
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From this photo it appears that you have an even eyebrows not eyelids.

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Your right eyebrow is lower than the left eyebrow. This is what I can appropriate from the photo you have provided. your lower eyelids are not completely seen in the photo; therefore, it is very hard to comment on something that is not completely seen. your upper eyelids seem to be symmetrical and the only changes seen is due to slight ptosis of right eyebrow. 

Want eyelids fixed

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I don't think it makes sense to see an ophthalmologist for an eyelid evaluation. You specifically need an oculoplastic surgeon to do a thorough examination.  If you are a candidate for surgery, these type of surgeries are performed on a regular basis with minimal associated risks. Good luck.


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You have ptosis of the right upper eyelid.  This can  be corrected with a surgery.  See an oculoplastic surgeon for evaluation.  I see nothing wrong with your lower lids.  

" Pulling down" of the lower eyelid

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Thank you for sharing your question. It is hard to determine the problem from the photograph, but it sounds like you have ectropion. This is a problem that Oculoplastic Surgeons frequently manage. In the hands of an experienced surgeon, you are likely to have a good result. I hope this helps.  Good luck,

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