What is the over fill range for Mentor Smooth Moderate Profile saline implants, 225 cc size?

Is it possible to put more cc's in the implants? Or do I have to pay for a new set?

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Can I refill my implants

 It is not recommended that saline implants be filled more a second time in a second procedure because the valve may not remain intact after the second puncture. It also voids the warranty. The range of fluid that could be placed in a properly filled implant that small would be such a small amount that it wouldn't be that visible anyway. In my opinion, at least 100 mL has to be added to an implant as far as going bigger in size for the patient to see that there is an obvious increase in size. Also, overfilled saline implants feel like rocks inside a breast. For all of those reasons, I would recommend that you get new larger implants. Find a board-certified plastic surgeon in your region to discuss this with. Good luck.

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