Would the cost of vaginal rejuvenation be reduced if having an insurance covered incontinence surgery in conjunction?

I am well aware that this question is much too vague for any real cost estimate, but I guess I'm wonder if having insurance pay for the incontinence surgery would reduce the cost of the cosmetic portion significantly since they would be paying for the anesthesia, surgery fee or whatever is normally covered for the initial incontinence surgery? Would doing it all at once offer a good savings. I hope that makes sense to whomever can offer some insight

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YES you are correct!!!

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Dear Ms Medelia15:

I thank you for being pragmatic and insightful as you are one of the first women who actually gets the concept of using your insurance to take care of some costs like:  hospitalization, incontinence, anesthesia and operating room.  This can only be done if you also have a medical reason and incontinence or vaginal prolapse  meets that bill  The cosmetic aspect of the surgery is still cosmetic and needs to be paid for like its cosmetic. To get a better understanding the best thing to do is talk to the office staff at individual doctors office, but you really need to talk only to surgeons who understand both urogynecology or gynecology  and cosmetic vaginal tightening surgery/ cosmetic surgery.    Not to be dismissive most plastic surgeons do not treat prolapse or urine incontinence.  My partner and i have been utilizing you methodology of using the insurance to the best of ones ability to help with the costs for almost 20 years.  Recently this is getting harder to do because Obamacare has driven deductibles through the roof and sometimes its just not worth using your insurance.  Call the office of your choice and discuss with the patient liaison or the offfice/business manager. 

John R Miklos MD

Urogynecologist and Cosmetic Vaginal Surgeon

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Killing two birds with one stone if you've got a medical reason for vaginal surgery and want a rejuvenation

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Yes. This type of combo needs to be arranged in advance with both the surgeon, the anesthesiologist and the hospital. You'll need to pay out of pocket for the extra time required to the vaginal rejuvenation. 

Vaginoplasty/Vaginal Rejuvenation

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I appreciate your question.

Cost varies by geographic location, surgeon expertise, OR time, anesthesia, length of procedure etc.  I would recommend that you see a board certified plastic surgeon in your area who specializes in aesthetic and restorative plastic surgery and who is also a member of The American Society of Plastic Surgery.  You can call their offices in advance and ask for quotes prior to scheduling consultations.

The best way to assess and give true advice would be an in-person exam.

Please see a board-certified plastic surgeon that specializes in aesthetic and restorative plastic surgery.

Best of luck!

Dr. Schwartz

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon



Can I combine an insurance-covered incontinence procedure with a "cosmetic" vaginal tightening surgery?

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I will add my answer to the correct perceptions of my friends, Drs Pelosi, Miklos, and Aguirre. I would counsel you to seek consultation with a reputable cosmetic gynecologist or cosmetic urogynecologist (the latter is arguably better trained for the incontinence part) I personally have had the same experience: "Insurance" pays for the bladder suspension, and your surgeon bills you extra for the "tightening" and aesthetic parts.

Check about deductibles however. I personally have found the combination of posterior repair/perineoplasty/vaginoplasty + FemiLift if only mild incontinence done in-office under "local" tumescent anesthesia and excellent & cost-effective choice in many situations!

Best wishes,

Michael P Goodman, MD

Reconstructive and cosmetic vaginal surgery is a great option!

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Hello Medelia,

Excellent question. As a Urogynecologist who specializes cosmetic surgery I often combine corrective surgery of pelvic prolapse, which includes treating urinary incontinence, with cosmetic correction of vaginal looseness, large labia, large clitoral hood, and undesired fat distribution. Weekly I combine reconstructive vaginal surgery with Labiaplasty and Liposculpture with or without abdominoplasty.

Yes, you would see savings in doing all these procedures in one surgical setting and/or one recovery. Your savings would be both in cost of the surgery and cost of recovery (time away from work, one deductible, one postop recovery time, etc).

Please do your research and identify an experience reconstructive and cosmetic vaginal surgeon with proven results.

Best of luck,

Oscar A. Aguirre, MD
Aguirre Specialty Care - Pelvic Surgery & Intimate Aesthetics®

Oscar A. Aguirre, MD
Denver Urogynecologist
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Incontinence and the Vaginal Lasers

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The vaginal laser therapy is very new Technology used to treat Vulvavaginal atrophy.  An added benefit to this therapy is it does help treat mild forms of incontinence. But insurance companies will not pay for the laser therapy(  Think of it like Lasix eye surgery ). It is important to be fully evaluated by a pelvic specialist who has female pelvic medicine and reconstructive surgery certification and also has acess to a Vaginal laser. At our center I use the  Monalisa touch the only laser currently in the USA,  which has scientific studies showing its effectiveness. But for women with severe stress incontinence using several pads a day, a mid urethral sling Is the preferred treatment. It is a short  outpatient procedure.  Hopefully, you have had the appropriate work up to confirm there is no urge incontinence which may require medications or other combine therapies. You may have to decide which option you want to do first depending on the severity of leaking.

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