What would you recommend to fix my Chin asymmetry (also, lip and nose asymmetry)? (photos)

Hello, I have pronounced asymmetry along my chin(jaw). Adding to my asymmetry, my nose deviates to (my) right, and my upper lip along with it. I have already had surgery to correct a deviated septum (in 2005), but it did not fully correct the issue. I can not afford to get too aggressive with surgery, so I am looking for a non-surgical, permanent solution. I am hyper-aware of, and insecure about this asymmetry. Any suggestions/comments would be most helpful.

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Correction of Chin Asymmetry

There is no non-surgical permanent solution to your chin/jawline asymmetry. Depending upon which side  of your face you favor, a bony genioplasty can be done to open up (lengthen) the left chin or close down (shorten) the right side of your chin.


Regarding the chin asymmetry, sliding genioplasty could potentially resolve this.  It is a same day surgery under general anesthesia. 

Majid Jamali, DMD
New York Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon
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