Am I a candidate for the MonaLisa laser treatment? Is it safe?

Is it safe to get the Monalisa laser treatment? All of my yearly paps have been normal, (every year X 36 years). I recently had an endometrial biopsy which I was told showed hpv. I have not had sexual relations in over 5 years. I also had 1 herpes outbreak over 30 years ago without a reoccurrence .is it safe to get the MonaLisa laser treatment?

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Candidate for the Mona Lisa Laser

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Most women are excellent candidates for the Mona Lisa laser, if they have atrophy or symptoms that would be alleviated by this treatment.  Your physician would be the best judge of when to have it done, as it is important to avoid doing the treatment during an active herpes outbreak.  HPV history, with normal PAP smears is not a reason not to pursue this treatment.

A proper exam and evaluation of symptoms always need!

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 It is important to have a full evaluation of the medical history and physical exam. The groin, vaginal opening and canal should be free of new rashes. All active infections need to be treated for an  appropriate time frame before Monalisa Touch therapy. 

Is the MonaLisa Touch vaginal laser safe if you have a history of herpes

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Yes.  If you have frequent herpes outbreaks I would recommend using your preventative antiviral around the time of your laser treatments, but if you haven't had an ourbreak in 30 years you don't need to do anything special.

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Safe for MonaLisa Touch HPV/Herpes

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Hi lahaff,

Yes! You can definitely have it done, PROVIDED that you do not have an active herpes outbreak at the time of the treatment (which you haven't had in 30 years).    HPV is not a problem either, unless there are genital warts associated with it, which you are not reporting.  So you should be able to have the laser treatment and do great.   Your doctor will examine you and see if you are a candidate based on the thinning and drying of the walls.

I hope that helps. 

Warm regards, 
Dr. Pramudji

Christina Pramudji, MD
Houston Urogynecologist

Is MonaLisa Touch safe in the presence of potential infections?

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MonaLisa Touch (MLT) is safe in the presence of any STD or other type of infection. It would be advisable to treat any active infection before MLT is initiated.

There are few contraindications to Mona Lisa or FemiLift treatments

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The main concern is to exclude any underlying gynecologic disease which would require prompt management. For instance, vaginal infections or tumors would preclude having the procedure until the problem was corrected. If you had herpes any point in time, even 30 years ago, you would be prescribed antiviral tablets before and for several days after the procedure to prevent an outbreak. If you've had a gynecologic examination in the last few months, you should have no concerns.

Is MonaLisa a safe option?

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In the properly selected patient CO2 laser vaginal treatments with MLT or FemiLift are safe. I don't see anything in your past medical history that is a contraindication to Laser Vaginal Ablation.
If you haven't been sexually active for over 5 years...what are you hoping to get out of these treatments? Are you not sexually active because of painful sex related to postmenopausal atrophic changes? I recommend you see your gynecologist for an evaluation and treatment options for your issues.
Best of luck,

Oscar A. Aguirre, MD
Denver Urogynecologist
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MLT safe? herpes history, HPV?

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Your are the perfect candidate for this procedure from a safety point of view. We usually give a short course of anti-viral medication if you have a HSV history, but not for HPV. You will find a quick change in vaginal revitalization and decreased potential pain, but are you sure you need this? What about hormone therapy for its medical benefits as well as vaginal? Localized estrogen cream/tablets? These might be a simpler option. Why the biopsy?

Mona Lisa Therapy Safety with HPV or Herpes

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Since you have been careful to get routine vaginal exams, and have not been having recurrent herpes outbreaks, you would be a candidate for Mona Lisa Touch therapy. Keep in mind however, you should not treat with the laser at the time of a herpes outbreak.

Mona Lisa Touch Candidate

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To truly know if you are a candidate for the MonaLisa Touch is to have a consult with your gynecologist who offers the treatment.

Typically HPV is detected on pap screenings or colposcopy evaluation. The recommended close follow up and treatments for HPV usually are minor though necessary for your overall health.

Nonetheless, having a history of herpes and HPV are not contraindications for the MonaLisa Touch treatment. Taking suppressive anti-viral medication prior a session may be recommended by your gynecologist. And know the design of the treatment probe actually shields the cervix from treatment. 

I'm sure a thorough history and physical by your MonaLisa Touch provider will determine the best and approprtreatment for your vaginal atrophy. 

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