Why do I have this CONSTANT pain on the right side of my head since I got LASIK and why isn't my right eye improving?

Been one year and 4 months since I got Lasek. left eye has healed and there's no complications. However my right eye is still blurry and dries out. There's this constant discomfort and numbness on the right side of my head just next to my eye. The muscles cramp up so I have to constantly open my eyes wide or stretch area out with hands. Two doctors said it has nothing to do with Lasek. I only got it after the procedure. I use ophthalmic ointment in the night and "optive" drops twice a day.

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Did you get LASIK or LASEK?

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you should tell your md to plug or cauterize your punctum in that eye and add restasisand add ointment day and nightand take fish oil capsulesand drink lots of waterand decrease caffeine and alcoholuntil it's better

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