What can I do to fix my gummy smile? (Photo)

I have a pretty extreme gummy smile and was wondering what options are available for me to lessen it a good amount? I had one dentist said something about cutting my maxillary bones and shifting my upper jaw upwards but i feel that is too extensive for me.

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Gummie Smile

There are 3 components to the dominant pink display in your smile

1 the dimension of jaw bone

2 the height of the margins of the gum tissue above the teeth

3 the mobility of the upper lip

So your options are to address one or all three of these contributing effects

1-reduce the size and position of the upper jaw with jaw surgery

2 Reduce the gum display with gum surgery or lengthening the teeth

3 reduce the "lift" of the upper lip with botox injections

You can try the more conservative options first if that is your preference--Good Luck

Gummy Smile


Unfortunately with the amount of gum and bone you are showing while smiling the best option is Orthognatic Surgery which involves repositioning your upper jaw upward with surgery.  You should consult an Oral Maxillo Facial Surgeon.


Dr. Maddahi

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