A lift? Implants? Both? Other? BF 2 babies, 32 year old. (Photo)

I miss my old boobs! I'm not sure what procedure I should get/research? I do not want bigger boobs, or much bigger, than I currently have. Obviously a live consultation would be best but I thought this would be a good place to start.

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Breast lift

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Thank you for your question and photos.  It appears that you would benefit from a breast lift with implants (if you want to increase your breasts' volume).  You do, as you have noted, need to be seen in person for a physical evaluation.

All the best,

Miami, FL

Breast lift or implants or both

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You are in a category of mild sag, modest loss of superior fullness in which any of the three options are feasible with trade offs.  The very best shape would include a lift with a very small implant for superior fullness.

Breast lift with implants

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Based on your photos you will need a lift. However, breast lift alone may not give you durable result and fullness of the upper pole that most women expect after breast lift. It seems that augmentation with small implants (or larger if you want to be bigger) provides the most durable result.

Lift alone will make your  breast 1/2 to one cup size smaller. For that reason a breast implant will compensate for volume loss as well.

Without a detailed clinical evaluation it is not possible to give you best advice. You should discuss your options with a board certified plastic surgeon in your area. Good luck.

Zoran Potparic, MD
Fort Lauderdale Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Procedures

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Hi lejm, thank you for your question and photos. Right now it sounds like you’re considering a lift and possibly breast implants. Since there is no way to say definitively over the internet which procedure would be optimal for you, take comfort in the fact that the surgeon uses your unique measurements and is able to provide you with a general range. In many cases the board certified plastic surgeon can best be your guide as they’ve met with you in person and heard your aesthetic goals. You may consider doing 3-D imaging; however with nearly all the breast cases we’ve performed, we’ve found patients enjoy doing a live “try on” session where they actually can “try on” the implant in a non-padded bra in our office. This does not give an exact measurement of outcome, rather it gives a nice idea of what to expect. For patients who desire a more natural look we like to recommend the shaped implant. For patients who desire a more full, voluptuous look we recommend a higher profile implant. And remember that all breasts have at least some amount of asymmetry (we like to say they’re like sisters and not twins). My very best to you. – Dr. Brian Coan

Brian Coan, MD, FACS
Raleigh-Durham Plastic Surgeon
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Breast lift with or without implants

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Dear lejm,

You would obtain a nice result with a lift alone.  You have enough breast volume that your size would not change much with the tightening of the skin.  Good luck!

A small breast implant will give you an illusion of a lift.

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It will provide fullness in the upper part of your breast which rounds out the shape without looking fake.  The problem with a breast lift is that you will have scars on your breasts.  Depending on your skin type these scars can fade nicely over time.  Usually my patients are in three distinct groups; those who don't want scars, those who don't want implants and those who want both a lift (scars) and implants.  A board certified plastic surgeon will go over all these options with you.

A lift? Implants? Both? Other? BF 2 babies, 32 year old

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I believe that a smaller implant with a lollipop lift incision would give you a nice result. The implant is only needed if you want a little more fullness in your bra though, otherwise, just the lift.

Julio Garcia, MD
Las Vegas Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Augment with Lift

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From the photos is appears that you are right on the border of someone that would need a lift.  In other words, you might be able to avoid the additional scars of a lift with just an augmentation by placing the implants in a "biplanar" location, which means the top half of the implant is under muscle and the bottom half of the implant is under just the breast tissue. However, this would require a fairly large implant. You should seek out a plastic surgeon in your area that has a lot of experience with augmentation and lift as these judgements are subltle.  Best wishes.

A lift and/or Implants?

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Most women who want to achieve that look they had before pregnancy, in my experience, are not satisfied with a lift alone because it is very difficult to restore upper pole fullness with just a mastopexy.  Usually I recommend an implant with a lower profile for those women who don't really want much increase in size.  Good luck.

Breast lift and/or implants

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It appears as though you're a great candidate for a breast lift.  This will help contour the breasts into a more aesthetic shape.  If you want more cleavage, implants might be good for you and they don't have to be huge to get a nice result.

Thank you for your question,

Dr. Schreiber, Baltimore plastic surgeon

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