Is tightness under the armpit and under the implant normal? When does that subside?

I am 4 months post op, silicone 345cc above the muscle and I have a tight tugging feeling in my armpit when I extend my arm. Also, underneath the implant, my actual muscle feels tight on the same side. The breast and the implant feel soft on the outside so I am unsure if it's capsular contracture. On my other side I have full range of motion, and no tightness. Is this normal? Will it go away?

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Tightness under the armpit following a breast augmenation

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Thanks for your question. 4 months after surgery, your body is still recovering and adjusting to the implant being present. It is unlikely that you have developed a complication such as capsular contracture so soon after surgery. It may help to massage the implants to ease the tension. If massage doesn’t seem to be helping the discomfort I would recommend that you see your surgeon for a check up.

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