Worried That High Profile Will Make my Breasts Too Far Apart? (photo)

I am set for my BA on the 28th. I am 20 years old, 5'3, 130 lbs, 34b. I will be getting 400 cc High Profile Saline Implants. Im worried they will be too far apart. I want a full C to small D, and a natural but perky look. I breastfed once for 3 weeks, and lost fullness at the top. I am unsure If I am a good candidate for High profile? and nervous about the gap looking completely strange with HP? My doctor said my breasts will not fit the same volume to get Mod +. Am I worrying myself?

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Worried that high profile will make my breasts too far apart?

Thanks for providing the photo. There are several consideration when choosing breast implants. With regards to your concern about the breasts appear too far apart, the profile of the implant is not the primary cause if your breasts end up appearing far apart. If you look at your nipple position, they are wide apart from each other. This means that the breast implants need to be centered under the nipple and therefore you will have some separation between your breasts. If you place the implants too close to each other and eliminating the gap then you risk that the implant is not properly placed centering on the nipple and this will diminish the aesthetic result if the implant is not centered under the nipples. If you choose breast implants that can be centered under the nipples and close to each other then you will have chosen implants that are too wide for your chest base and the lateral part of the implants will encroach to your armpit/later chest wall spaces. On top of this, your chest wall is sloping away from each other which means the implants will appear wider apart from each other. Irregardless of which implant you choose, you probably will have some gap between your breasts. As long as they are not excessive or more then your pre-existing gap, you should be fine with either high profile or mod+ profile implants. The high profile implant will give you more volume while still fit your chestwall.

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HP implant and size

The sizes are done with the width of the chest wall. I think 400cc will get you to where you want to be but there is not way to access your skin quality or measure your breast width to make an accurate assessment. As for the cleavage, it will likely be the same since it is created by the insertion of your pec muscles onto the breast bone. This cannot be changed though sometimes larger breasts do appear to come together better in a bra. Let your surgeon decide on profile as it s based on your chest width and not strictly a cosmetic choice.

Raj S. Ambay, MD
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Space between your implants - cleavage distance

The amount of space between your breasts/implants after augmentation depends on two things: 1. Surgical technique - how well of a dissection is done medial to develop your implant pocket and also to some degree the width of your implant 2. Your anatomy - the width of your sternal bone (chest bone) has a lot to do with the size of the space between your implants.  I measure this during every consult to make my patients aware of what can be reasonably achieved given a woman's baseline anatomy. Best wishes Dr. Basu Houston, TX

C. Bob Basu, MD, FACS
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Worried That High Profile Will Make my Breasts Too Far Apart? (photo)

I would be a little worried that HP might not be the best implant for you....I would want just a little more width in you and I would suggest a moderate profile if you were my patient!

John J. Corey, MD
Phoenix Plastic Surgeon
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High profile implants

I agree with using high profile saline implants for one simple reason.  They ripple much less.  You are a great candidate and I agree with the size choice.  Just make sure the implants will be under the muscle.  Good luck!

Ronald J. Edelson, MD
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High profile breast implants in Los Angeles

High profile breast implants have narrower base diameter and therefore give women less of a cleavage. I recommend a moderate profile of breast implant for breast augmentation to my Los Angeles patients. I also, have patients try on different size breast implants in order to see which one looks the best on them.

Sean Younai, MD, FACS
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Hi profile saline implants for breast augmentation

Hi profile saline implants for breast augmentation

400 cc may be the minimal fill or the implants can be overfilled.  You need the correct base diameter which is not in the info you provided.

400 cc should make you a full d cup if you wear a 34 bra.  check your breast diameter

Jed H. Horowitz, MD, FACS
Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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400 cc implants

The larger the implants the more likely you will need HP implants to match your breast width.  An exam in person would help delineate the best implants for you.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Worried That High Profile Will Make my Breasts Too Far Apart?

It is not the implant width that determine the cleavage but your own anatomy! So you are wide set N/A complexes so no matter what width of implant you will still be widely set. You need to discuss this issue in detail in your pre operative informed consent appointment. 

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
Miami Plastic Surgeon
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Implants widening the breasts?

Implant are selected base on there's with and desired volume. The natural anatomy of your chest and breasts have to be followed. Your breasts do not unusually wide so the selection by your PS will not make your breasts look  wider. 


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