I'm back in the gym lifting heavy weight but there's no improvement. (photos)

I had a fully tummy tuck with muscle repair 23 weeks ago. I'm kind of happy with the result I have but I still have quite a bit of loose skin above my belly button. My surgeon has suggested an FDL and I'm happy to go ahead with this but I just wondered if it will remove the loose skin that is still a problem or if there won't be much of a difference? I trust my surgeon 100% but just wondered what other surgeons opinions are? When I eat my tummy sticks out very badly. I had no Lipo.

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Liposuction vs revision tummy tuck

Thank you for the pictures and the question.  The liposuction will help flatten out the bulge but it won't address loose skin.  An examination is necessary to determine how loose the skin is as it is not possible to judge from the photos.  Best of luck, Dr. Michael Omidi

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