I would like to know what the easiest and procedure is for vaginal tightening is

Hi I would like to now what is the easiest or best procedure for vaginal tightening as I have had 3 children and have started to feel very very loose. Could you please give me a rough estimate of the drices( I live in Lancashire) and what the procedure is and healing time is. Thanks

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Best vaginal tightening procedure

I think it is important to differentiate between the "easiest" and "best" procedure for vaginal tightening. The "easiest" procedure is probably one of the non-surgical options, however the "best" vaginal tightening procedure for you is going to be a surgical procedure. After 3 children, you would most likely benefit most from a surgical vaginal rejuvenation procedure to tighten everything up. Pricing will vary based on what exactly you need done, so I recommend consulting in person with a board certified plastic surgeon who has expertise in vaginal rejuvenation procedures so you have an accurate understanding of the best procedure for you and the cost of that procedure. Good luck!

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Options for Vaginal tightening?

Hello sdougenob,We appreciate you question. There is no short answer to your inquiry mainly because there are many many variables to these situations. The history you have provided is all too common; multiple vaginal deliveries with progressive loosening, loss of sensation. pelvic heaviness or pressure and varying degrees of urinary continence. Although this might sound hopeless there are actually many options both surgical and non-surgical to help you with your concerns. However this forum will be very limited as to how much good information you can obtain as it will pertain to you. Yes this is important because the procedures we are talking about do not fit into a "one size fits all" mentality. We customize them to fit the needs of the individual. Proceed with an in person consultation with a pelvic and reconstructive surgeon (gynecologist, urogynecologist, plastic surgeon) to assess what pelvic floor/vaginal/vulvar issues that may be in need of repair; at this point you will be able to know what procedures fit your needs.

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Vaginal tightening

Hi and thank you for your question.  Tightening of the vagina or birth canal can be accomplished surgically with incisions, muscle plication and reconstruction or non-surgically with a laser such as Femilift.  You should be seen by a physician with specific training and experience in each of these manners of vaginal tightening to see what is best for your particular needs and desires. Kegel exercises can help initially with stenghtening the muscles but if the vaginal muscles are too far apart or the connective tissue is broken, kegels won't help much. You may need a combination of management options and your best bet is to see a specialist who is knowlegeful of this who can examine you and work with your needs and desires.

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You're asking the wrong question about your loose vagina

The easiest procedure for a loose vagina is Kegel exercises. They don't work very well after 3 kids. I'm certain you don't want the easiest procedure. What you want is your problem fixed. The best procedure for you is the one that tightens your vagina adequately and that is the procedure you should be looking for. What you need is a consultation with an expert in both vaginoplasty and pelvic reconstructive surgery. Vaginoplasty will tighten your vagina if the pelvic supports are intact. A pelvic reconstructive surgeon can restore the integrity of your pelvic supports and if he/she is expert in vaginplasty, they can do the vaginoplasty at the same time.

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What is the easiest and best procedure for vaginal tightening?

This is a good question and addresses the heart of the matter that all patients want to know.  What is the way to accomplish my goals with the least amount of risk and the most amount of reward.  Sadly, there is no direct answer to such a good question.  Its similar to deciding what is the best type of car to get or the best house.  A lot will depend upon your needs.  As a general rule of thumb, avoid surgery when you can.  Why have your body cut upon if you don't need to?   Surgical tightening usually consists of vaginoplasty and perineoplasty - tightening the canal and the opening.  There are office based procedures that can help with tightening such as thermiva.   If tightening is your main goal it is reasonable to start with an office based procedure since there is little to no risk.   But if other symptoms of pelvic organ prolapse are bothering you such as urinary leakage or the need to express stool (touch your body to get stool out) or pelvic pressure (the sensation that things are dropping) then it is more likely you will better benefit from surgery. If your vagina is very wide - can accomodate four fingers - then chances are surgery will be a better option.  See a surgeon who does both and understands pelvic organ prolapse.  Don't be afraid to get a second or third opinion and to delay action until you feel comfortable.  A good rule of thumb for making good choices in life is to listen to your mind - but also listen to your heart.   Good Luck!

Michael Litrel, MD, FPMRS, FACOG
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