Indents under my chest (male) (Photo)

I'm a male who has gynecomastia, and pretty much man boobs because of it. But gynecomastia isn't my problem. Underneath both sides of my chest, I have weird indents that I have never really seen on someone else. If it helps, I used to be really fat around 6 years ago, until I and I dropped a ton of weight. I'm in good shape, but these indents underneath my chest will not go away. I don't remember having them when in was fat or even up until a few years ago. I guess they just appeared.

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Indentations from Gynecomastia

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From the description you have provided it sounds like you may have the following:Severe Gynecomastia – This type of gyencomastia commonly affects those who have lost skin elasticity at an older age and those who have been obese or overweight at one point in their life and lost weight may have saggy skin and breasts that are severely enlarged. Surgery is the recommended treatment for severe gynecomastia. 

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Find the right surgeon

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You should meet with a board certified plastic surgeon to be able to get a formal diagnosis and to be able to decide on a course of treatment if necessary. I have attached a link to help you with your decision!


Gynecomastia and chest wall asymmetries

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Hi Banana881,

Thanks for your question. It appears that you have rib/chest wall asymmetries. The picture probably does not do your indentations justice and we would need a better photograph to give you a better assessment. I recommend being evaluated in person by a board certified plastic surgeon in your area. The can assess your condition and give concert recommendations. But based on the photo alone, It seems that fat grafting to just that area would camouflage the indentations which could be done at the same time as the gynecomastectomy. 

Good luck.

All the best,
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Thank you for your question and photo.  It is unlikely that there is a correlation between your gynecomastia and the indentation you seeing.  However, you need to be evaluated in person by a board-certified plastic surgeon to determine if and how this deformity can be improved.

All the best,

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Your photo is inadequate.It appears that your ribs are irregular it also appears you may have a pectus deformity but the photo is poor and at a bad angle so I cannot say for sure.

Chest Indents

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While your picture does not show a full view of your chest, I suspect these indents exist because that is the shape of your underlying ribs. Thus this may represent an underlying rib shape deformity.

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