I don't know which procedure I should get a micro tummy tuck a mini tummy tuck or just maybe abdominal tightening?? (photo)

I'm a mother of one child. I weigh 185 pounds and im 5'9. I just want a normal looking bellybutton. And my muscles repaired because I assume by having one baby that they were ripped but I'm not sure. I don't know what to get...

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I don't know which procedure I should get a micro tummy tuck a mini tummy tuck or just maybe abdominal tightening?? (photo)

Hi. IMHO you need a full tummy tuck with muscle repair it's obvious from your photos that you have a significant number of stretch marks. This represents permanent damage to your skin and total lack of elasticity. Therefore anything short of a full tummy tuck will fall short of your goal. I would also suggest you have lipo of the hips and flanks to accentuate the small waist that was evident prior to your child .

I have been performing tummy tucks and liposuctions in the land of tummys and lipo, Miami, Florida for the past 29 years.I encourage you to look up the surgeon you eventually select and make sure they have years of experience in performing tummy tucks and liposuctions. Furthermore request to see before and after photos of previous patients by that doctor....not a clinic or surgery center. Do your homework......research and verify the doctor's credentials. Have they had problems with the Board of Medicine, disciplinary or otherwise. Any law suits?

How about the center, clinic or facility? Are they accredited by a national organization or do they just have State approval. Understand that at the current time, there are three nationally recognized organizations responsible for the highest levels of patient safety, AAAASF, AAACH and JCHO. You owe it to yourself to position yourself for the best possible results but under the most stringent safety regulations, If you have kids, even more so.

How about anesthesia? Will you have a medical doctor certified by the American Board of Anesthesiology or a certified nurse anesthetist (CRNA)? Understand that there is no substitute for research. Cosmetic surgery, no matter how simple it may be to the patients, are invasive procedures and as such carry certain risks and complications. Good luck.

Dr. PG

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Alternatives for the abdomem

Thank you for your inquiry and the [hotos.  I notice that you indicated you wanted to have a normal looking belly button and on the photos it appears that there is some skin laxity and overhang at the top of the navel.  In order to correct this you would require at lease an extended mini-tummy tuck or even a full tummy tuck for complete correction,.  Bear in mind that if only the lower abdomen is treated (mini-tummy tuck) the muscle tightening will be limited by the natural laxity present in the upper abdomen musculature.
If you are not having additional children and desire the 'best' result, I would recommend a full tummy tuck.

Best wishes,

John J Obi, MD

John J. Obi, MD
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How to improve my abdomen

Based on your photos, you may be able to get a significant improvement with liposuction alone.  However, this is difficult to judge based on photos.  If you really feel you need a tummy tuck, a micro (never heard this term) or mini will not affect the appearance of your belly button much.  It's difficult to truly judge your excess skin from pictures alone. 

Seek a board certified plastic surgeon to help you understand your options and your expected outcomes. 

Roxanne Sylora, MD
Orlando Plastic Surgeon
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Consider liposuction alone

Hi. It really depends on whether you do have split in the muscles or not (called a rectus divarication). If you dop then a mini TT is the way to go. This cant be discerned from your photos. If you dont then i think you will get a good result from liposuction alone and should consider this option. Regards.

What tuck

I have never heard of a "micro tummy tuck". Sounds like a marketing ploy to me. Regardless, in my opinion, based on your photos and comments, liposuction with or without some lower abdominal skin excision would provide the most change with the least surgery/risk/scarring. Unfortunately, this may not make the change you desire in your belly button but is still offers you a LOT.

Robert H. Hunsaker, MD
Miami Plastic Surgeon
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Mini Tummy Tuck

Thank you for your question. I will start by saying you have a very nice shape and I have had great outcome's with patient's like you. My best recommendation will be a Mini Tummy Tuck the incision is smaller the recuperation is less painful and your body will be perfect.

Keith S. Berman, MD
Miami Plastic Surgeon
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Mini tummy tuck candidate, some advices:

Thanks for sharing  your concerns with us.

You're not a Full Tummy Tuck candidate, because you don't have enough tissue to make an appropriate abdominal flap.
Otherwise , in my practice I have had excellent results in cases like yours performing a "Mini Tummy Tuck" to correct the abdominal sagging skin, stretch marks with mis le repair, getting a flat and strong abdomen.

To improve your body contour, I also recommend a waist and back Liposuction, getting better curves especially in the waist area.

Dr. Emmanuel Mallol C.-

Emmanuel Mallol Cotes, MD
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon
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Flattening of the stomach.

In reviewing your photographs it seems that you have several options. I think that if you're planning to have additional children you should delay any type of tummy tuck until you've completed your pregnancies. The alternative would be to undergo liposuction to remove some of the subcutaneous fat padding and that will provide some stomach flattening but probably no real change in your bellybutton. If you wish to be more aggressive at this time then please seek a consultation with an ABPS board-certified plastic surgeon to consider whether you are a candidate for full tummy tuck or possibly a mini tummy tuck. Only a full tummy tuck would change your bellybutton substantially.

I have to admit I've never heard of a micro tummy tuck and expect it would give you micro results.

Good luck with your decision

Jon A. Perlman, MD
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I don't know which procedure I should get a micro tummy tuck a mini tummy tuck or just maybe abdominal tightening??

To me, your abdomen looks good after having your baby. By looking at your pictures, I think you will achieve great results with Lipo, but I don't know how your abdominal muscles are inside, don't know if after taking the fat away, your abdomen would be a little loose because the muscles inside are not tight, so, I recommend you to consult your Surgeon in person to get the best advice. If he/she is out of the country, get a quote for a Tummy Tuck, and if your doctor decides to do just Lipo, you'll be already prepared. I hope this answer was helpful. 

Yily De Los Santos, MD
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon
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Tummy tuck

From your photos it appears that you would benefit from an abdominoplasty ( tummy tuck) with liposuction. seek an experienced Board Certified PS for in person exam. 

Thomas Trevisani, Sr., MD
Orlando Plastic Surgeon
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