Post blepharoplasty upper & Lower 4-8-16. Any suggestions? (photos)

I just feel like something is not right. I know I'm still swollen, but I still can't close my left eye. I was told this is normal, I'm terrified, my vision is off, I'm having the most problems with my left eye and it was the better one. When I try to close my eyes ito does not close its extremely tight, I put the drops in all the time.

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Upper blepharoplasty damages the motor function of the upper eyelid.

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That is why you can't close the eyes.  This function may or may not recover as you heal.  It may be 6 to 8 weeks or more to know how much recover you will have.  Artificial tears and ointment at bedtime is very helpful.  See your ophthalmologist if you are having eye discomfort.  Consider reposting here as you heal.

Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Closure of eye post-op

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You are still early in the healing phase.  With your eyes open your lid height looks good.  It can take a few weeks for the muscles to work completely, so your closure should continue to improve.  Until it does, make sure you use a lot of lubricating drops.  You should also get a lubricating ointment to put in at bedtime.  Warm compresses are good at this stage as well.   

John J. Martin, Jr., MD
Coral Gables Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Right after blepharoplasty

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From my viewpoint thing look good. Its not unusual at all to have difficulty closing your eyes in the immediate post operative period. It should feel tight, and as the swelling and inflammation decrease this should go away as well. Once the tightness resolves, you will be able to close your eyes better. The vision issues are not uncommon as well. Many times the problem is dry eyes, but sometimes the cornea is affected by the new anatomy and tightness of the lid. Its too early to determine anything. I would let your surgeon know how you feel. If in another 3-4 weeks you are still having vision problems, be see by an ophthalmologist. But I believe this will be self limiting and you will have a great result

Eric Weiss MD

Eric Weiss, MD, FACS
Orange Park Plastic Surgeon
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Can't close my eye

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This can occur with all the swelling.what I would do is at night put your drops/ointment into your eye and put a patch over it to keep it closed.This should resolve.

Robert Brueck, MD
Fort Myers Plastic Surgeon
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Can't close eye after blepharoplasty

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I can see that the left eye is not completely closing right now. This is not uncommon in the early period following blepharoplasty. Based upon the photos you have posted, I doubt this will be a permanent condition. The most important thing to do right now is keep your eye lubricated and be patient. This will pass. You look quite good for 10 days after upper and lower blepharoplasty. Keep in touch with your surgeon and follow his/her instructions.

Bradford A. Bader, MD
Plano Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Post blepharoplasty upper & Lower 4-8-16. Any suggestions? (photos)

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Blepharoplasty healing can take 1 month on average. Best t discuss with your surgeon or seek eye doc appointment for vision check.

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