Does my incision site on my breast augmentation look infected? (photos)

I had my breast augmentation June 22. I got the gummer bear implants, to fix asymmetry breasts right 375cc left 250cc. Day 16 I accidentally pushed myself up.Over the weekend I had horrible pain in my right breast. I raised concern to my father who is a MD, said it didn't look infected. I called my PS July 11th told him what I was experiencing. Then that day out of my incision it started oozing pink liquid, seemed like a seroma, took my doxycycline antibiotics, next appointment is July 14th.

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Possible infection

Thanks for your inquiry and pictures, but without an exam it is hard to advise.  It could be just a suture spitting out, but it is a good idea you are seeing your surgeon and good luck.  

Inflammed BAM incisions

Hi Tess17You have inflammation, and maybe an infection.  Good that you are going to doctor tomorrow. My guess is that you have a stitch abscess.
Good luck.

Does my incision site on my breast augmentation look infected?

Thank you for your question and photographs. It appears that you have suffered with a stitch abscess of your incision sites at the corners of each.  This should resolve on its own as the suture falls out or becomes exposed and I would follow up with your surgeon to ensure your appropriate healing after the stitch is removed.  Hope this helps.

Nelson Castillo, MD
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Thank you for your question and providing photos. Based on your photos it appears as if you may have a stitch abscess. This is not unusual but I would recommend you call your PS. Best of luck

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