I had a tummy tuck 7 weeks ago. Are scar gels really effective?

It seems like I am going to spend a small fortune on scar creams/gels if I continue to use it as recommended by my surgeon. Are they really effective and how long do I really have to use them for them to have a positive impact.

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Post tummy tuck scars

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This is tough because one cream/gel strip may work for you and not someone els.It won't hurt you and it can only help.I really don't know what the BEST is.

Fort Myers Plastic Surgeon
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Scar Recovery Gel

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I have tried almost everything out there on patients over the past 20 years and in my experience I think that a relatively new product called Scar Recovery Gel is the most effective product in minimizing the appearance of scars. It is available without a prescription but usually only available through a physicians office. I will usually recommend it for all patients and have them begin applying it to a new healing scar within a week of surgery. Consult with your plastic surgeon  regarding specific insrtructions for your particular case. Best wishes, Dean Vistnes. 

M. Dean Vistnes, MD
Bay Area Plastic Surgeon
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Scar gels

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If the scars are flat, not raised, you may not need to continue the scar gels.  Silicone gels are helpful up to that point at which time pigmentation changes are left that improve with time.  If it is a financial burden, I would just massage the scars with Aquaphor and allow them to improve with time. 

Are scar gels really effective?

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In my opinion, the massage and pressure on the scar are important.  I don't care what kind of lotion is used.

Kenneth D. Christman, MD
Dayton Plastic Surgeon

I had a tummy tuck 7 weeks ago. Are scar gels really effective?

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Vs the amount you spent on the TT surgery?? Yes these products can improve your results in the long term of use... 

Scar management

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Thanks for your inquiry.  I am not sure which products you are using.  Scar products with silicone, low dose steroids, and vitamin E can improve the final result of the scar.   It is impossible to know if the scar would have healed as well without them-some people simply scar extremely well genetically. Good Luck.

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