Crowding and open bite: options for treatment? (photos)

I want to straighten my teeth. I don't have any functional problems, only aesthetic. I went to several orthos and got as many opinions as docs: 1) to extract 4 premolars and use braces 2) not extract any and use Damon, but I don't get how they are going to make space. 3) not extract, but use invisalign and do filing. Which option do you think is the best and why? Of course I don't want to extract teeth, but if extraction will give much better result I am ready. What about incognito?

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The DNA Appliances create Orthopedic Growth along with Orthodontic tooth movement

I would strongly suggest maxillary expansion with a DNA appliance to orthopedically grow your maxilla.  It is also possible to do Surgically Assisted Rapid Palatal Expansion or SARPE procedure.  This will create the space to fit all your teeth, fill the buccal corridorsand will provide better function. 

A myofunctional therapy consult and exercises may give better results as well.

I would divide treatment into two phases orthopedic growth and pneumpedic growth (airway) first along with oral and myofunctional therapy if indicated (probable) followed by E-cligner therapy 

Web reference is a youtube video of a patient.

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