I Am 5 Weeks Post Op Lift & Implants, Have Areola Necrosis Do I Continue Treating the Area with Silvadene?

I clean and reapply silvadene & fresh dressing daily. It looks like pus but does not smell and the area around the areola is not red or hot. I am not running a fever either. Black scab is almost completly off, do I continue with the silvadene? The area where the scab is already off is very pink and raw looking, and figure this will take weeks to heal and also I have diabetes. Out of country for a work and can't see my surgeon for another 3 weeks. How do I continue to care for the wound?

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Nipple necrosis after breast lift with implants

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You provided no pictures so advice is very difficult. As mentioned before speak and see your surgeon regularly to treated the problem. If needed consult with a surgeon in your area for closer follow up if you can't see your surgeon.

Good luck!

Advice for wound care for a necrotic nipple

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should be obtained from your surgeon.  You can call long distance or communicate through his website.  Dr. Gottlieb's advise is on target!

Areola Necrosis

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Rather than collecting advice from strangers, I would advise staying in email communication with your surgeon, sending photos. Your surgeon knows you, has seen the wound and followed your recovery.


Best wishes.

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

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