Can a tummy tuck be fixed if its too tight?

I had a tummy tuck in 2012 and a scar revision in 2013, I feel very tight in my left groin area (the area where the leg and hip touch) plus I get weird sensations down my this something that can happen? Can a tt be fixed so its not too tight in the groin area? Is there any possibility of the incision damaging veins or blood flow into lower extremities? What kind of doctor should I check with to make sure there are no issues with nerves or veins?

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Too tight

It sounds like yo  may have a sensory nerve entrapment that may resolve with heat/massage and perhaps some injections.I would go back to your plastic surgeoin to have it evaluated.u

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Can a tummy tuck be fixed if its too tight?

Best to be evaluated by a boarded Plastic Surgeon in your area. Could be entrapped nerve as another thought.. 

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Can a tummy tuck be fixed if its too tight?

Those are reasonable but difficult questions to answer via this type of forum. The best answer at this point is maybe. It completely depends on what the problem is.  You can't add tissue back once it is removed & generally the tightness softens as the skin stretches (as it always does) after surgery. That being said, 2 years out from surgery you are unlikely to get much additional relaxation. The sensation could be a nerve issue but may or may not be related to the surgery. It would be unusual to have a blood vessel issue from a tummy tuck. Blood clots in the vein can happen around the time of surgery but it doesn't sound like that is what is going on with you and this far out from surgery, wouldn't be related anyhow. I would suggest revisiting with your original surgeon & tell them your concerns and symptoms. They will need to assess you to determine what is causing your symptoms and then can give you the best recommendation. Good luck!

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