Bone loss on two front teeth; can it take a bone graft? (Photo)

Can this bone loss b corrected w grafts to take an implant?Your Question (Required) 358/128 Question Details 59/500

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as you can see the receding gum is a lot, and there is much root surface exposed, 
if you are planning to have implants, there are several techniques, to perform this procedure and at the same time extract teeth, set implants, and bone graft,a very important thing is the diagnose of how many teeth,and the remaining bone surrounding the adjacent teeth.
but yes you have a solution.

Can I Have Grafting?

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It is impossible to give this type of diagnosis off of that photo.  I would recommend that you set up an appointment with a periodontist (gum and bone specialist) to evaluate the area and give you options for treating the area.  Good luck.

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