Belly Button Bleeding & Scab 12 Days Post TT?

I am 12 days post-op & about 1 week ago I noticed that my belly button was slightly bleeding. It now has formed a scab inside it & periodically seeps blood. My Dr's PA saw me last week to removed my drains & took note of the situation. She recommended bacitracin & keeping it clean. Said it was positive that it's bleeding b/c we know that it has a blood source. My doctor is on vacation for 1 more week. Should I worry about this? No foul smell & skin around it isn't pink or abnormal.

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Belly Button Bleeding

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This is not uncommon, and often means that there is a buried suture that has reached the surface and if so this won't stop until the suture is removed or dissolves, and since that latter takes weeks, removal makes sense. The PA should be able to identify this if present and remove the stitch. If not, ask her to speak to the cross covering MD.

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