2.5 weeks post op breast augmentation. 5 days ago I noticed a few dots on my breasts. (photos)

I stopped using the sorbelene for sensitive skin immediately but the rash has not improved. Sent dr surgery a photo and they have said rashes are common after BA, is this normal?

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Post Op Skin Concerns


Sensitive, tight skin, surgical bra fabric, medications, many things can cause skin reactions. If your Surgeon is not concerned I recommend that you keep an eye on it, report any changes and most likely expect it to resolve on it's own. If you find that it becomes worse/spreads, then let your Plastic Surgeon know right away in case a medication that you are taking is contributing.

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Breast Augmentation and Rash

Breast augmentation does not cause a rash like this but there are many things about surgery that can - the anesthesia, allergic reaction to antibiotics or another medication, or something unrelated. If it doesn't clear up in the next few days, I recommend going in to see your surgeon. Best wishes!

Not common

Rashes after breast augmentation can happen and it is either drug related or adhesive materials used in surgery.  Most are self limiting but may need a steroid dose pack.
Keep you surgeon updated on your progress.
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