My lip is pushed down in right side 2 weeks after MOHs surgery will it straighten out?

I had MOHs surgery 2 weeks ago and my lip is crooked. The scar is also hard under the skin at lip line where incision ends all the way to nose. Will my lip be normal again and how can I help it along. I heard massage helps, when can I start. And and what point can I use a silicone sheet? Thank you

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Healing after MOHs surgery

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Photos would be very helpful in analyzing your recovery so far.  I'm assuming you've already had your reconstruction? It is extremely common following reconstructive procedures to see slight distortions of adjacent structures, including the lips, nasal borders, or eyelids.  Much of this will settle out and relax with time but it's hard to guess without examining you. Silicone sheets could potentially help with scarring and could be started now if you want. I typically begin scar massages around 3 or 4 weeks postop.

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