What is the bulge/indentation is on my right implant? Doctor says it may be scar tissue? Thoughts? (photos)

I have pain in my right breast since my augmentation 6/15 the pain is from below my arm pit, through the right side of my breast and can be around the nipple. I can relieve the pain by applying pressure. I am numb in that same area since my surgery. I had a breast lift done 7/12. I have a noticeable buldge or indention around the nipple area of my right breast, my doctor said it could be scar tissue from my lift. I am 17 months postop and it seems it's getting worse. Any thoughts?

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What is the bulge/indentation is on my right implant?

You appear to have some excess skin and tissue in the roughly v-shaped area below the nipple. This could be easily corrected by removing the excess in a minor procedure. In terms of the pain however, this issue should probably be investigated further. That could be scar tissue or there can be other causes. Good luck and I hope you are able to get this matter resolved.

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looks like you have some excess tissue there still below your nipple, go see your surgeon, likely just need a little revision to tighten that area/remove the excess. 

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