Lips are blistered and huge after in office whitening. Any suggestions?

After the 3rd application I notice my lips felt in fire and became numb, they sent me home and said I'll be OK in a fee days to weeks. My lips are still big (it's been 3 days) and under my lip I have blisters and skin is peeling. What's happening how can I heal?

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Blister after whitening

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Sorry to hear about your experience with whitening.  It seems some of the whitening gel was in contact with your lip and gums as a result burnt the tissue.  It would be a good idea to return to the dentist so that the lips and the tissue can be checked to make sure proper healing is taking place.  Normally this process can take 7-10 days. Applying  Vitamin E liquid can help speed up the healing process.


Dr. Maddahi

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