Why is my labia still huge and why is it splitting open where its stitched at after a week out of surgery ??? (photos)

I just had surgery on the 19th of July . Today I had to go in and get restitched because my labia was splitting apart . Now that I look at it . Looks to me that the other side is going to rip also ! I'm terrified of how the out come of this will be. Really starting to think I made a huge mistake :(

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Scar blowout after botched labiaplasty

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Scar separations need to heal for six months before they are restitched. The tissues are simply too weak to hold suture any sooner. Early restitching is a waste of time. See an expert in labiaplasty in 6 months.

Making a mistake choosing a surgeon, and paying the price...

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Yes, you made a mistake with this surgeon. Any competent surgeon knows that it is dangerous to re-stitch an incision closed after 36-48 hours. It can get infected and invariably the stitches fail. 
Suture lines, if supported well enough underneath, should not open. (All right-- occasionally they do, even in the best of hands.) If your surgery wad done by a cosmetic gynecologist or plastic surgeon who SPECIALIZES in labiaplasty, you made the right call. If it was done by a local general Gyn who "... maybe has done a few..." you made a huge error. WOMEN WHO DON'T RESEARCH AND JUST HAVE A LOCAL DOC DO IT pay the price, have poor results, and end up paying double because they need a revision.
As for you personally, I can't say, both because your pics are in a format where they won't magnify (so I can't see well...), and because it takes a month or more before you can get an idea of outcome. Send us photos in a different format, and get back with us if it doesn't turn out well. Sometimes, even if the procedure wasn't done properly, all turns out OK. If your surgeon informed you properly (s)he should have fully informed you about the risks of surgery, which include wound separation. If your surgeon did not fully inform you of the risks, and tried to re-suture a week later, that is, as lawyers say, "...below the standard of care..!"
Michael P Goodman, MD

Healing after labiaplasty surgery

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It is common to have swelling after labiaplasty. Warm water baths, ice packs and prescription ssteroids. Typically, the area should not be sutured over once healing but rather managed conservatively and sometimes with topical lotriosone cream.

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Why is my labia still huge and why is it splitting open where it is stitched a week out of surgery.

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Thank you for your question and for sharing your photographs. I am sorry that your recovery has had issues.  Though your pictures do not magnify well in order to be able to see detail, the thin tissues of the labia do have a tendency towards swelling which is likely accounting for your current enlarged appearance.  As far as your incision separation it is unclear if you are risking a separation so maintain close contact with your physician to ensure that any issues are addressed promptly.  Continued attempts at closure should be avoided as the tissues are not in an appropriate condition for additional surgery.  Wait at least 3-6 months before pursuing any treatment.  

Nelson Castillo, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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