How does a doctor determine if ones dental implant has failed?

Admittedly my oral surgeon placed my implant too close to my nerve causing at 1st complete deadness. Now, 19 months later, I have constant bees in my cheek & gums, which is made worse when brushing, flossing, or water picking. I have been ill with recurrent antibiotic C. Diff since the implant & have been having issues with sharp brainwaves since surgery. Now I'm wondering if the nerve pain is contributing to the brainwave issue. Does the nightmare of the last 19 mo constitute a failed implant?

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Failed implant

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I suggest if you are having so many problems you consider having your implant removed. Discuss this with an oral surgeon or periodontist. This doesn't necessarily constitute=the a failed implant but if you think your symptoms are a result of the implant removing it will give you your answer.

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