Eye Cosmetic Surgeons--How Can I Achieve Almond Shaped, Exotic Eyes? Aesthetic Not Functional Reasons. (photo)

Hello everyone, I've never had a facial procedure and do not suffer from any serious abnormalities that I'm aware of, however I desire a more almond eye shape. Can I achieve this with canthopexy and how long would it last? I would like to raise the outer corner of my downward turned "blah" appearing eyes. Canthoplasty scares me a bit--but im open to canthopexy or even a temporal lift if that would help? Are there any surgeons very experienced with this type of request?

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Want to achieve almond eyes

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The angles of your eyes are not very low. It is your lower eyelids that are a bit low, showing scleral show (white under the pupil).  Canthopexy will not address the problem, at least not for long term.  Recommend canthoplasty with or without midface lift (to lift the lower eyelids; a spacer graft may also be need inside the eyelid).  See an oculoplastic surgeon.

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Almond shaped eyes

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The outer corners of your eyes are lower than the inner corner, giving your eyes a sad-looking, downward slant. In addition, your eyeballs are prominent relative to the socket bone structure. A canthopexy will not give you the result you want. Short of onlay inferior orbital rim grafts, a lateral canthoplasty to reposition the entire lateral canthal tendon higher and dermal filler injection to the upper cheek/lower lid area will likely give you the result you want.

Peter T. Truong, MD
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Adjusting eye shape to reduce 'sad eyes'

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It is usually possible to perform an ultrashort incision cheeklift with slight elevation of the lower eyelid to reduce our eyelid scleral show.  This adjustment should be subtle and must overcome the inherent forward set of your globe, but is commonly performed.

Canthoplasty would be excessively invasive for your problem.

You should have a very frank and detailed discussion with your prospective surgeon before proceeding, to make sure the subtlety of the procedure suite your needs.

We have several articles and chapters on this topic.

Brent Moelleken, MD
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Neither canthoplasty or a temporal forehead lift is going to fix your issue.

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It is likely that you will be profoundly disappointed by these surgeries.  You have what is called a negative vector lower eyelid.  To improve this an onlay orbital rim implant can be used to improve projection of the orbital rim.  That is a very big surgery.  So many patients elect to the top of the cheek filled with hyaluronic acid filler.  It is still a big treatment and it requires maintenance periodically however, it is effective and avoids a big surgery.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon
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