Dark spots on my cheeks, uneven skin tone, fine lines & obvious pores. Is Tretinoin enough or do I also need Tri-luma? (Photo)

Picture shows the concentration of dark spots (side that is exposed to sun mostly whilst driving). Notice too the fine lines by my lips/mouth. I use the Tretinoin but only 2x/wk because I have dry skin and I peel when I use the cream; have to moisturize under and over (is that ok?) what do you suggest?

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Removing Sun Spots & Improving Skin Tone

Hi Cami.  We love Retin A for smoothing the skin, helping it look refreshed and keeping it young.  But it is an exfoliating product (removes dead skin) and cannot help with pigment.  Similarly, the Triluma may help with brown spots from Melasma, but is more limited in effectiveness when it comes to sun damage.  Lasers are a great option to permanently remove sun damage and that is what we would recommend for you.

We use q-switched lasers to remove sun spots and sun damage and you can see an example of what it can do for the skin at the link below.  These before and after pictures are for other Orange County, CA patients that had sun spot or sun damage removal. 

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Sun Spots and Skin Pigmentation and Tretinoin

Vitamin A treatment for pigment is never enough.  You will need a long term skin care regimen to treat the pigment you have now and prevent new pigment from forming. Most of my patients are on daily skin care plan as well as fraxel or clear and brillant laser treatments or IPL or peels to maintain their improvements.  Seek a board certified cosmetic dermatologist for a proper assessment.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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