Was told that lower eyelid lift would help puffiness under eyes? Would this also help wrinkles under eyes when I smile? (Photos)

I also wanted to know about the best thing I can do to prevent future wrinkles and if the surgery is a permanent fix for under eye bags/ hollowness? Or could they reappear? Also will this surgery make my eyes appear more symmetrical as it seems to me that one is slightly bigger than the other?

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Lower blepharoplasty to address puffiness and wrinkles ?

Be careful doing skin surgery on your lower eyelids as you are young with not much laxity so the risk of the lower eyelids being pulled down is higher. Skin pinch method under local anesthesia is the safest method to assess if there is safe skin to be removed while doing the under eye bag surgery (latter best through transconjunctival approach). See following link and video.

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lower blepharoplasty procedure

A lower blepharoplasty procedure accomplishes removal of fatty deposits underneath the eyelids creating  the puffiness look.  The fatty deposits are removed through a trans-conjunctival approach on the inside of the eyelids.  When patients have excess skin at rest, (not animation), a  pinch technique of excess skin can  accomplish  by removal of the excess skin and this incision is closed with tissue glue.  For more information and many before and after results, please see the link and the video below

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Puffiness under eyes

Thank you for your question. I would be best to have an in person consult to see where the problem lies in regards to your under eye area. A more conservative approach with botox and fillers might be a better route to take first. I would recommend you make an in person consult with a physician. 

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Blepharoplasty for puffiness and wrinkles in a young person.

Blepharoplasty is a surgery to change the shape of the eyelids, often for a more youthful appearance.Patient who seek blepharoplasty want to improve excess skin, puffiness, wrinkles, and eyelid asymmetries. Important issues to bring up include: previous surgery, laser treatments, dry eyes, or Lasix. Blepharoplasty like any surgery to improve signs of aging does not stop the clock. Aggressive surgery can affect your ability to close your eyes properly. In young patients with wrinkles, I recommend trying Botox/Dysport/Xeomin before surgery. A consultation is necessary to determine what treatment options are appropriate for your face for a safe and happy result. Safety comes first. 

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Lower lid bags and wrinkles with smiling?

Better photos or an exam is needed to determine if the problem is bags(transconjuctival blepharoplasty) or hollowness (fillers). Your lid wrinkling an be lessened with Botox. See an experienced surgeon who does natural looking eyes. 

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Was told that lower eyelid lift would help puffiness under eyes?

Cosmetic surgery helps give you a more youthful look but cannot correct skin damage to to sun and tobacco. After surgery you will continue to age at a rate we cannot predict and you may or may not want more surgery in the future. Facial expression such as smiling crinkles up the skin creating folds. The only way to block that currently is with the use of botox. 

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There is no substitute for a personal examination.

Having said that, the photos suggest that you will not benefit from lower eyelid surgery.  You appear to have an under eye circle. Not all things that look like a bag benefit from standard lower eyelid surgery.  It very much appears that your "bag" is actually caused by your orbital rim.  Lower eyelid surgery does not fix these bags.  However surgery in these circumstances can lead to a pulled down look to the lower eyelid.  The state of the art repair here is hyaluronic acid fillers not surgery.  This also needs an expert to get the best possible result.  While it is not permanent, the results can look very natural and hold up for approximately a year at a time.  There are no permanent fixes for aging.

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